Hello there!

My name is Michael Woodward and I've been building online experiences for over 15 years.

I started out working part-time on the creative team at Aveda Cosmetics, while still a design student in New York City. After graduating, I worked full time at MAC Cosmetics, where I learned to focus on the user and brand.

Since then, I have built a real estate listings site at RealEstate.com, business news platform that supports 40 business journals at Bizjournals.com, made it easier for people to save money on home loans at LendingTree, and now help people get back on their feet financially at Freedom Financial Network.

I credit my love for design to all the time I spent in NYC as a child, and my love for the outdoors to being born and raised in the green mountains of Vermont.

Contact me

Cell:  704.773.0847
Email:  michaelwoodwardjr@gmail.com

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